Sunday, August 5, 2012

I Have Moved. Yet Again!

Guess where I am right now. Lounging in the beaches of Goa? No. Absorbing art in Paris? Yeah, like that were a possibility. Visiting my old friends back in Delhi? I only wish. Or just sitting in my bedroom in Mumbai? You couldn't be more worng.

At this moment, I am in Kolkata, my grandmotherland (my mother grew u in Assam, so motherland doesn't fit right).

I got into Jadavpur University here. Its supposed to be one of the best colleges in the country. I will be studying Architecture here. Most people- including my History of Architecture teacher- think that I took Architecture just for the sake of going to JU. That's  not true. I got into a few good colleges elsewhere too, but I picked this one. Now I'm just homesick and falling in love with Mumbai for the first time in my life. I mean, it's good here too, but we all miss what we've left behind, don't we?

Till now, I've made no friends. It's weird coming to a new city. I can speak flawless Bengali, but after coming here, all I do is switch to English every chance I get. I think on my first day of class I might have given some peole the wrong impression that I don't speak English at all! I miss speaking in Hindi too, a language I now get to use only when I call my old friends. It's as if I have some defense mechanism working in my head- the longer I hold on to the languages I spoke in Mumbai, I'll won't change because I'm in a new place.

I feel I'll love Architecture, though. I recently finished writing what could be called a novel. It's called 'Unexplained Disappearances'. It has a few fictional places in it. First is the country of Dimrael (here), a war torn nation struggling to stay together. The second is Abscon City, an island in the Pacific which doesn't feature in maps. When I'm capable of making models, I wonder if I'll be able to create miniature versions of these places.

Meanwhile, I am working on a new long short-story. It's an epistolary piece about people adjusting to a new city and tying up loose ends from one's past. But still, it's not at all autobiograhical. About ninety per cent of it came out of my imagination. When I'm done, I'll upload the story to this blog.

Wish me luck for my new beginnings!