Friday, July 31, 2015

Art of the Week-4

Abhyam Shukla is back! This is a self-portrait with our University in the back, something he made to mark his beginnings as an architecture student at Jadavpur Univeristy

European Juniors

This post is all about the little friends I made during my trip in Europe.

This little model is a German girl I met in Istanbul. Can you deny her panache in front of the camera?  She even did a little leg lift you can't see here. I'm sensing the next Heidi Klum here, aren't you?
This little girl had a very protective brother. When he saw how fascinated she was by us, he tried to cover her eyes. But the girl slapped his hand away and jumped off her pram. She took baby steps towards me and grabbed my hand, staring unblinkingly. She wouldn't let go even when I was ready to do. Her brother, on the other hand, wanted to have nothing to do with the people who were playing with his sister and preferred suspiciously keeping an eye on us.

I met these girls at a park in Istanbul. The one in the red sweater was the smiley one. She was kind enough to give us a solo photoshoot afterwards, waving to our camera and smiling joyfully.

I met this little girl at a station in Salzburg and trust me, she just wouldn't stop talking. My father saw her first, introduced her to me as 'Most Beautiful'. SHe was more curious than happy when we asked her to pose for a picture, and began leaning towards the camera till she lost balance and almost fell head over heels. Then, she walked away, asking her mother questions (or at least they sounded like questions), her voice echoing through the hall. Most talkative (and perhaps really the most beautiful) kid I met in Europe.
I met this kid in Innsbruck, and he couldn't really respond to us because, well, he was tiny.

I met these twins in Vatican City. They were there with their parents, hoping to get a glimpse of the Pope. The light-haired one was friendlier. She kept pointing at her sister, introducing us to her in baby gibberish. The dark-haired little girl was quieter. Later,when we tried to take pictures and turned their prams to face the sun,, one of them started crying. The other one looked around as if assessing the situation and then, she followed her twin, letting out a baby cry that only made us laugh because it was so adorable to watch. Their parents were proud to have not one but two beautiful baby girls. Their father told us in broken  English that he wished he could speak fluent English, but he did no who Mahatma Gandhi is and that he's called the father of the nation, and was fully aware that Sonia Ganshi (of Italian origin, just like him) is, in fact, not Mahatma Gandhi's daughter. You'd be surprised to know how many so-called elite Indian teenagers get confused about that.